the art of fruit salad-ing


Friends who know me well also know I’m a bit of a fruit nazi in the morning. Nothing but fruit for breakfast until 12 noon (ok, sometimes circumstances call for other forms of diet but generally I try to stick to this).

The benefits of fruit are widely known and the reasons for fruit in the morning on an empty stomach are surprisingly simple. This I will save for another post; for now I’d like to draw your attention to… Making time for fruit.


Well, think about it. We pick up an apple, and with a wipe of its skin on our t-shirt we take a bite. Nothing wrong with that for sure. But eating that apple would’ve almost been on ‘auto drive’ where you wouldn’t really ponder about each mouthful.

Instead, try spending the time to prepare your fruit. I don’t mean dress it up and give it a ribbon, but take time to slice it to bite-sized pieces. Turn it into something creative; thin slices, large chunks, even carving a face if you like.

The purpose here is to pay attention to the moment – bring your focus to your morning meal, or afternoon snack, or whenever you choose to have your fruit. It may seem silly, but think about it as exercise for your mind in focusing on a simple task, for which you get to reap the benefits of eating it after.

With all the hustling and bustling we get into everyday, try leaving it all behind and give some thought to the simplest form of raw food that really doesn’t need any preparation. You can do this just once a week for the fun of it… Call me crazy but slicing fruit in the morning is therapeutic for me 🙂