five things I learned from acroyoga teacher training

AYTT13 crew

It’s been a little over 2 weeks since I said goodbye to my beloved acroyogis and new ‘graduates’ of the AcroYoga Teacher Training that was held in Govinda Valley, NSW. The many days spent training, learning and having fun whilst being in the most loved and supported environment is still fresh in my memory; and re-lived every time I see an update or a photo posted by one of my fellow teachers on Facebook.

I look back to those days with most grateful heart and every day I thank my lucky stars for having been a part of a fantastic community that simply wants to learn, give, heal and have fun along the way. There were many ‘lessons’ learned and shared, and five resonate with me the most which I feel applies to life every day.

One: If You’re Having Fun, You’re Doing It Right.

This is the Golden Rule of the acrobatics or solar side of AcroYoga. It’s also something we should all embrace in life. Too often I hear of people (myself included) not enjoying themselves in their jobs or activities which then becomes a chore rather than something that’s enriching. We have a choice of making it fun for ourselves — look for ways to do things differently no matter how small and find something to smile about it. Use a paperclip instead of stapling paper. Make hearts out of those paperclips. Use a different sign-off in your emails. Walk up the stairs sideways. Something is sure to give you that little spark.

Two: If It Feels Good,You’re Doing It Right.

When it comes to therapeutic flying or Thai massage, we are encouraged to be curious and explore what feels good for the flyer or receiver. If they reward you with a sigh of contentment or a thumbs up, that’s when you know you’re doing it right. Similarly with what we do — be it exercise, cooking, listening to music, having a cuppa whilst watching the world go by, volunteering at a local soup kitchen, giving free yoga lessons to your friends and colleagues — if it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, you’re doing it right.

Three: Accurate Self-Assessment.

We do lots of crazy, fun acrobatics in our AcroYoga teacher training and everyone is an eager beaver in trying things out. That doesn’t mean however, we don’t do it without assessing how our bodies and minds feel before attempting anything. If we aren’t ready, we aren’t ready — and that’s ok. Good things take time. It’s better than throwing ourselves into the deep end and getting hurt. Lay the foundation, do a few practice runs, and when you feel ready, then go for it (and have fun along the way!).

Four: Ask For What You Need.

Sometimes we get pulled into situations where we might feel obligated to do things we are not up for, or need things that others are not aware of. By making an Accurate Self-Assessment (and by no means using that as an excuse to be lazy, but really giving it an honest thought and decide), you’d be surprise at how much this honesty is appreciated instead of having someone upset for doing things begrudgingly, or not receiving the care they need.

Five: Embodiment.

In teacher training we were assessed by how much we embody a role that we participate in, be it a teacher, a flyer, a base, a mentor. Embodiment is defined as “a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or feeling.” I’m sure you would have heard people saying, “be the happy you want to be” or “you don’t just love or are loved, you are love”. I believe that we are all capable of embodying goodness, kindness, love, helpfulness, _____ <insert your own fantastic quality here>. And just like Newton’s Third Law of Motion, the more you embody the qualities, the more you get back in kind.

I hope to practice these teachings for the rest of my life in whatever situation I’m in, and hopefully share these to those who are open to learning. After all, it’s all about having fun!