8 tips in making the Law of Attraction work for you

There’s been a long lull in my writing. Work, study and travels have distracted me from the keyboard.
I’ve wanted to write about a lot and I’ve wanted it to come from the heart. Not just randomly regurgitated feelings but more considered thoughts about subjects I feel strongly about.
Recently, I’ve been mulling over the power of thought. Why does it work so well for some but seem like such a fairy tale for others?

The Law of Attraction.
Like attracts like.

Dozens of books have been written about the ‘law.’ Talk shows endlessly discuss its secrets. Documentaries preach its power.

Many of the arguments sound convincing but there’s no scientific evidence to prove the ‘law’ really works and for most, the ‘law’ will never work for this exact reason. For enthusiasts, the thinking is to just believe The Law of Attraction will reward you for your faith and perseverance. For these people, I’ve often wondered why it works so well for them.

The pragmatic in me says “because there is no guarantee this will work, people who are on a winning streak keep winning purely by chance.”

The spiritualist in me says “what if you don’t need the guarantee because you simply BELIEVE it will work?”

Having this internal debate conjured memories of times when I’ve been on the low end. When relationships have failed. When I’ve been in considerable debt. Stuck in a job offering no inner satisfaction.

When you feel no one in the world understands what you’re going through, it’s hard to feel any joy.
I tried recalling what it was that brought me back to the sunny side of life and funnily enough, it was the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like.

When I was at my lowest I had nothing but the belief that one day I’d get out of the hole I’d dug myself into.

It was a journey that seemed to last forever but I kept at it…even if it meant keeping up false appearances at first. I pushed forward with a faux smile and a refusal to be beaten, no matter how emotionally and spiritually draining it was.

I forced myself to believe I was worth more than I felt, that I deserved happiness and love. I made the effort to change my negative, sorry-for-myself thoughts into “we’ll get there one day, hang on, chin up and keep going”.

Eventually, I saw silver linings behind the clouds. I allowed myself to celebrate those little steps forward. My smile became more genuine, my heart and steps lighter. My struggle in getting back on my feet became less of a resistance and more of a flow.

There are so many things that helped me get my mojo back. There are thousands of tips out there for getting your life in good shape.

Here, I’ve listed eight of my favourites. They’re nothing new, but they’re the key things that saw me through darker times.

Stay positive.
Look on the brighter side of things no matter how bad the situation is. Change “not good enough” to “this can be better”. Find things to be thankful for instead of complain.

Believe you are worthy. Believe you deserve all the goodness this world has to offer. YOU ARE worthy of happiness and love. Leave the self-beratement behind.

Be persistent.
No matter how many times you get knocked down, get up and try again. Perseverance goes a long way in breaking down barriers. Even soft raindrops can create a hole in hard rock over time.

Cultivate your patience in waiting for the tide to turn. Just like a surfer waiting for that perfect wave, that wave will come for you.

Be open.
Be open to receive change. Break down those walls – whether it’s doubt, resentment, anger, ego or fear – allow the change to come through. Accept it graciously.

Set little goals and achieve them.
Complete a short course, learn new skills. Take that first yoga class. Whether the goals are related to your bigger picture or just a recreation, it’s nourishing to our self-esteem to have these mini-wins. Nothing learned is ever wasted.

Reward yourself.
With every mini-win you have, celebrate. Maybe it’s eating that favourite ice-cream, or cooking a delicious meal, perhaps a movie night in. Rewarding yourself nurtures your sense of worth.

Seek help.
Confide in family and friends. Share. Receive their love. Don’t hold it all inside and implode. They may not be able to fix things but the load will feel lighter with their support. You are never alone.

Today, even when things are mostly “going my way”, my journey hasn’t ended. The Law of Attraction isn’t a single-use coupon with an expiry date.

It’s keeping these eight things in check time and again that helps me through the obstacles that come up every now and then.

Believe, and ye shall receive.