As it is, another year has flown without so much of an article from me.

Or shall I say, a musing.

The past year has been an interesting journey for me, finally letting go of the digital realm and fully embracing my dharma as a yoga teacher and remedial massage therapist. Who knows if this is my life’s duty for now, for a few years, or forever.

I would like to believe that one’s dharma changes and transforms like a chameleon according to what is needed at different stages in life. I’m still adjusting to the regularly irregular schedules, services at multiple locations, the peaks and lulls of busy-ness in each day. Sometimes it feels like a full-on, 100% energy required week, other times it’s a light stroll in the park looking for flowers to stop and smell.

Which leaves time for a lot of other things in life to experiment and experience – gardening and growing vegetables in little pots, throwing some clay on the pottery wheel and making wonky but sweet bowls/cups/plates/whatever else that materialises from the earth, even rollerskating.

Whilst these new ‘hobbies’ fill in some gaps, there are times when I’d still need to stop… and do nothing. Breathe. Mini meditation. Read. Do more nothing.

Lately I’ve been thinking of going back to the academic life to pursue a deeper and broader understanding of the body. Exercise Physiology to be exact. To try and comprehend how the body moves, breaks, heals, sustains, and hopefully finds rest.

Having gone through a year solely working in yoga and remedial massage therapy, my mind is getting pulled into wanting more – more knowledge, more tools, more giving of help to heal.

Which brings me to a kind of a crossroad… or perhaps the end of a road with many branches heading in different directions. Should I stay in massage therapy, or shift into exercise physiology, or do both, or drop yoga completely and concentrate on therapy, or… a combination of all of the above?

It may be ideal to do all and everything at once, but realistically it will wear the body and mind out eventually.

Perhaps it’s a time to reflect on what my mind wants vs. what my body needs; at the end of the day (and recognising that I’m not super human) it’s continuously finding that balance of work and rest, of giving and receiving.

For now, I’ll go with the flow till the calling in my heart shouts it out to the universe… I’m sure it will someday soon.